Knights of St Columba

Knights of St Columba

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Knights of St. Columba, Council 977 Gravesend serves two parishes – St John’s The Evangelist Gravesend and Our Lady of Assumption Northfleet Parishes.

Overview of the Knights of St. Columba

The Order of the Knights of St Columba was founded a century ago as a fraternal association of Catholic gentlemen, dedicated to the work of the Lay Apostolate and the virtues of Unity, Charity and Fraternity. It exists to support the mission of the Catholic Church, following the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church. The Knights of St Columba constantly participate in activities for the betterment of the community at large. In the UK, members of the Order diligently work for the moral and social welfare of this country and in particular, to help young people develop in the likeness of Christ.

Brief History of the Knights of St. Columba

The Knights of Saint Columba is a world-wide Catholic fraternal service  organization. Founded in Glasgow in 1919, it was named in honour of Saint Columba (Colum Cille), a catholic missionary from Ireland who helped introduce Christianity to the people of northern Britain and whose legacy is very prominent in Scotland.  Saint Columba is also known as a Scottish saint.  In 563 AD, St Columba left Ireland and settled with the Gaels of Dal Riata, where he was given the Island of Iona to found his monastery.  Columba himself would have remained an enigmatic and little known person if not for Adomnan, the ninth Abbot of Iona who wrote a book titled “Vita Colum Cille”.

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The re-establishment of Knights of St Columba Council 977 Gravesend

The Knights of St. Columba, Council 977 was erected at St John’s Parish on The 28th of September 2014. This inaugural ceremony was marked by the then Supreme Knight Brother Ron Lynch and his Board of Directors. In attendance were so many other eminent members from the Archdiocese of Southwark. During the 2014 KSC reestablishment at St. John’s Parish, Fr Innocent Abonyi MSP served as the first chaplain, as well as doubling up as the  Chaplain for KSC Southwark province 12. When the late Archbishop Peter Smith appointed Fr Innocent Abonyi MSP as Chaplain for Southwark province 12, St. John’s the Evangelist parish was expected to become a model parish for the knights and their ministry, at least, within Southwark Diocese.  In a letter written on 16th September, 2014 by Br Kenneth Anthony Russell (the then Grand Knight of Council 631 Strood) referenced as “Installation of officers and erection of Council 977 Gravesend”; Br Kenneth wrote:

The 28th of September ’14 is going to be a grand day for the Parish of Gravesend.  A lot of hard work has gone into setting up of Council 977 in Gravesend and it is very important that we make sure everything goes well without any mishaps.  Brothers should be present at St John’s at 9.30am.  The installation of Officers would take place during the 10.30 Mass, after the Homily, Creed and Bidding Prayers.  The Supreme Knight would install the Council Officers with their Collars.  After Mass we shall proceed to the “coffee room” where the erection of Council 977 would take place.

The membership of the Knights of St. Columba group at St. John’s the Evangelist and Our Lady of Assumption Northfleet is growing steadily. In 2022, there are 14 members belonging to Council 977, Gravesend – membership and growth is gradually picking up. KSC Council 977 meets every first Saturday of the month for the monthly council meeting and third Saturday of the month for the Officers meeting. Council 977 is currently guided by Br Michael Akinrele, Deputy Supreme Knight and Supreme Director for Youth and Young people.

In February 2022 Brother Michael Akinrele applauded the work of Council 977 by writing the following in support of the Council’s bid for the award of Province 12’s – Action and Youth award 2021/22.

This Council is excelling at both Action and in Youth. They have a plan in both areas of the Knights work and are looking at doing better each time. Action-Working within the Parish at Parish events, taking centre stage at the organisation stage and helping to deliver on the day at each event they have taken part in so far. Assisting the Parish Priest-Dean of Gravesend Rev Fr Moses Amune MSP and Chaplain to the Council is paying dividends. Youth – more and more Young People have taken part in the KSC Competitions thus far than have ever done at Council 977 in previous years. Moreover, they have taken on board the importance of celebrating these Young People at Mass in front of their peers, in front of the Congregation of Parents both men and women… They are also ensuring that the Order is aware of what they are doing and sharing their ideas by publishing their work and its results in the Order’s publications, thus giving other Councils inspiration. Yes, great work taking place at Council 977 Gravesend.

The Knights are involved in serving God through service to fellow men and women. We cannot do this effectively without increased membership, passion and commitment. We wish to encourage our parishioners i.e. committed men, 16 years and above  to join the Knights of St. Columba and use your vital experience, talents and gifts to serve our beloved St. John’s the Evangelist and our Lady of Assumption Northfleet parishes.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please do kindly contact Council 977’s  Grand Knight,  Brother Chinedu Nwosu

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By Fredrick Juma, April 2022

Youth and Action Officer & Deputy Grand Knight, Council 977 Gravesend