Masses w/c 10-04-2022



Sat 9 April First Mass of Sunday, Vigil                     6.00pm     Michael Brewer RIP (10th Anniv)  (live streamed)

Sun 10 April PALM SUNDAY (C)             8.30am     Sherin Paul RIP

                                                                   9.30am – Denton Tutton family RIP

                                                                    10.30am   Thanksgiving for family (live streamed)

                                                                   6.00pm     Zuzanna Lecznar RIP


Mon 11 April Holy Week                          9.15am     Sr Delores (Anniv of Profession 2 April)


Tues 12 April Holy Week                         9.15am     Thanksgiving to the Lord, Wahab family (live streamed)


Wed 13 April Holy Week                          No Adoration                            

                             11.30am    Chrism Mass at the Cathedral (no midday Mass)

                                                                   6.30pm      Phyllis Lloyd RIP, Fr Joe

Thurs 14 April MAUNDY THURSDAY     8.00pm      Mass of the Last Supper   Parishioners, Nuala & Connell Doherty RIP 

                                                                   Watching until midnight 


Fri 15 April GOOD FRIDAY                      10.00am     Children’s Stations of the Cross

                                                                   12 noon      Adult Stations of the Cross

                                                                    3.00pm      THE PASSION OF THE LORD (live streamed)


Sat 16 April HOLY SATURDAY               10am & 11am Blessing of Food  

                                                                   Confession 11.30-12.30pm (No Exposition or 12 noon Mass)



First Mass of Sunday, EASTER VIGIL     8.30pm     Privat Kouassi RIP, Anne Laffey RIP (live streamed)

Sun 17 April EASTER SUNDAY                8.30am    Sherin Paul RIP, Sisters of Mercy, Wellbeing Deliverts & Oustry family

                                                                   9.30am – Denton  Milica Smyth RIP

                                                                  10.30am   (live streamed)  Parishioners past & present

                                                                   11.00am (Shorne)  Ellen Clent RIP

                                                                    6.00pm     Louise Ring, Zuzanna Lecznar RIP


The Church will be open for private prayer Mon- Friday until 5pm, Sat & Sun 7pm