Masses w/c 21-08-2022

First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)                  

  • 6.00pm    Deceased Morrissey & Dowler Members (live streamed)

Sun 21 Aug Twenty-First Sunday (C)      

  • 8.30am    Sherin Paul RIP
  • 9.30am – Denton  John, Linda & Jim Grogan
  • 10.30am   Angela Malama Nsofwa RIP, Br Henry (Birthday) KSC (live streamed
  • 6.00pm    Santavas (Int)

Mon 22 Aug Queenship of BVM              

  • 9.15am     Ken, Marie & Samantha Hughes (thanksgiving)

Tues 23 Aug St Rose of Lima                  

  • 9.15am     Sr Margaret Mary Oniwinde

Wed 24 Aug St Bartholomew                   Adoration 10.00am-12noon                 

  • 12 noon      Annette Bromley

Thurs 25 Aug St Louis                             

  • 9.15am (St John’s Church)  Margaret Arthur Banks (Thanksgiving)

Fri 26 Aug Blessed Dominic                    

  • 9.15am     Santavas (Int)

Sat 27 Aug St Monica                               Adoration after 10am Mass until 12.30pm (Reconciliation 11.30-12.30pm)

  • 10.00am    Henry Walsh RIP (Anniv)

First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)                 

  • 6.00pm     Tony Eagan RIP (live streamed)

Sun 28 Aug Twenty-Second Sunday (C)

  • 8.30am     Sherin Paul RIP
  • 9.30am – Denton  Sheelagh Cherry
  • 10.30am    Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries during August (live streamed
  • 6.00pm     Mary Farrell RIP, Adrienne De Lacy RIP

During the school holidays, Thursday morning Mass will be held in the Church.

The Church will be open for private prayer Mon- Friday until 5pm, Sat & Sun 7pm