Masses w/c 16-04-2023

First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)

  • 6.00pm     John Lacken RIP  (live streamed)                                 

Sun 16 April Divine Mercy Sunday (Second Sunday of Easter)

  • 8.30am     Sherin Paul RIP, Fr Michael Adams Int                                                                                       
  • 9.30am – Denton  Philomena Nolan
  • 10.30am     Deceased members of the Moreton family (live streamed)                                                                                                                   
  • 6.00pm      Greg & Karen Thompson (Congratulations 40th Wedding Anniv), Lina (Thanksgiving)

Mon 17 April Feria

  • 9.15am      Loretta Stimpson & family

Tues 18 April Feria

  • 9.15am      Esther Gahan (ill) (live streamed)

Wed 19 April Feria

Adoration 10.00am-12noon

  • 12 noon     Charlotte Maher-Maloney, Kenneth Maloney, Milica Smyth

Thurs 20 April Feria

  • 9.15am – St John’s School  Private Intention

Fri 21 April St Aslem

  • 9.15am     James Dobbs RIP (11/4/23)                                                                 

Sat 22 April Feria

Adoration after 10am Mass until 12.30pm (Reconciliation 11.30-12.30pm)

  • 10.00am    Djamila Ouraba      

First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)

  • 6.00pm     Eileen Dowler RIP (2nd Anniv)  (live streamed)                                 

Sun 23 April Third Sunday of Easter

  • 8.30am     Sherin Paul RIP, Sisters of Mercy Int                                                                                   
  • 9.30am – Denton  Mrs Uloma Ezirin (Birthday wishes)
  • 10.30am     Massie Scully RIP (live streamed)                                                   
  • 6.00pm      Wiktoria Manczyk (18th birthday blessings)