An Introduction to the Sacrament of Baptism



A sacrament is a festive feast in which Christians assemble to celebrate their lived experience and to call to hear their common story.

Tad Guzie: “The Book of Sacramental Basics”


The Roman Catholic Church is a sacramental church. Sacraments, as the above quote states, are celebrations of our lives and our identity as Catholic Christians. They are occasions when we can experience God’s presence and love with a renewed intensity – the sacraments make ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. One commentator calls them “doors to the sacred.” It is important to  remember that sacraments are actions, and not things. We talk about receiving them but in actual fact they are actions that we do together as a Christian community.

Baptism in the Church

Preparation for Baptism in our Community

Arranging a Baptism

Please don’t organise your family and friends until you have agreed a date with one of the priests.