Masses w/c 29-05-2022

Sat 28 May, First Mass of Sunday,           6.00pm        Lesley Hogan’s Intention (live streamed)

Sun 29 May Seventh Sunday of Easter    8.30am        Sherin Paul RIP, Mairi McIntyre (Thanksgiving)

                                                                     9.30am – Denton  Celebrating birthdays & anniversaries during May

                                                                     10.30am       Fr Joseph Etim RIP (55th Birthday), James Keane RIP (2nd Anniv), Peter Udogi RIP

                                                                     6.00pm        William & Bridgid McDaid RIP

Mon 30 May Feria                                      9.15am        Theresa Smyth RIP

Tues 31 May Visitation of BVM                9.15am        Lesley Hogan’s Int

Wed 1 June                                                Adoration 10.00am-12noon                 

                                                                   12 noon       Lesley Hogan’s Int

Thurs 2 June Feria                                    10.00am      Sherin Paul RIP (1st Anniv), Nuala Doherty RIP (Birthday)

Fri 3 June St Charles Lwanga                   10.00am       Caroline Barbaro RIP

                                                                    12.30pm     Memorial Mass for Vivienne Hyland RIP

Sat 4 June Feria                         Adoration after 10am Mass until 12.30pm (Reconciliation 11.30-12.30pm)

                                                                    10.00am      Cecilia & Clare Daly                                                                                      

First Mass of Sunday,                                6.00pm        Ursula & Roy Smith (live streamed)

Sun 5 June PENTECOST SUNDAY            8.30am        Caroline Barbaro RIP Mama, McEniff family wellbeing

                                                                    9.30am – Denton  Bridget Head

                                                                   10.30am       Harry Wilcocks, Paul Wilcocks RIP (Anniv)


The Church will be open for private prayer Mon- Friday until 5pm, Sat & Sun 7pm