Masses w/c 31-07-2022

First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)              6.00pm   Ken, Marie & Samantha Hughes ,Jenny Delivert & Casimir Lise RIP (livestreamed)

Sun 31 July Eighteenth Sunday                8.30am    Sherin Paul RIP, John Lacken

                                                                     9.30am – Denton  Vincent Kilcullen, Bill Trotman (Anniv)

                                                                    10.30am  Deacon Michael Knight (Thanksgiving)

                                                                      6.00pm   Celebrating Birthdays & Anniversaries in July  

Mon 1 Aug St Alphonsus                           9.15am   Thanksgiving

Tues 2 Aug Feria                                          9.15am   Tanya Matuka RIP (Birthday)

Wed 3 Aug Feria                                      Adoration 10.00am-12noon                 

                                                                     12 noon    Michael Dee & deceased members of Dee family

Thurs 4 Aug St John Vianney                     9.15am    (St John’s Church)  Thorley & Bareham families RIP

Fri 5 Aug Feria                                             9.15am    Ken, Marie & Samantha Hughes

Sat 6 Aug Transfiguration of the Lord 

       Adoration after 10am Mass until 12.30pm (Reconciliation 11.30-12.30pm)

                                                                    10.00am   Theresa Smyth

                                                                    11.00am St Katherine’s, Shorne                                                                                      

First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)               6.00pm   Pat Doherty RIP(live streamed)

Sun 7 Aug Nineteenth Sunday                  8.30am    Sherin Paul RIP

                                                                      9.30am – Denton  Jason Chapham & Rose Owen

                                                                    10.30am  (live streamed)

                                                                      6.00pm    All resting in Gravesend Cemetery 

The Church will be open for private prayer Mon- Friday until 5pm, Sat & Sun 7pm