Newsletter w/c 12-02-2023

Please pray for the souls of all deceased parishioners, family and friends

  • Robert Freeman – Requiem at St John’s Thurs 23 February at 11am
  • Janet Bagley – Requiem at St John’s Fri 24th February at 2pm

May God console their families. May the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace;


Please pray for those whose Anniversaries occur at this time including…..

  • 12: Mary Bridget Sheehan, Millie Lilley, John Morgan, Emma Ellenor Reidy, Lorena Cuozzo, James Reilly, Emilio Cientanni, Annie Newman, Evelyn Josephine Gough
  • 13: Fr Joseph Wyatt, Ivy Waller, Alice Winifred Keegan
  • 14: Gerard Morgan, Denis Healy, Adrian Chick, Maria Luisa DiNonno
  • 15: Frances Irene Barber, Frederick George Costen
  • 16: Thomas O’Brian, Robert Pearce, Claude Turner, Anthony Bailey, Jane Lynn, Margaret Mulholand
  • 17: Emilia Savickis, Mary Agar, Andrew Murphy, Mary Philomena Pay, Douglas Lawrence,  Gordon, Lucia Camilla Jones, Nuala Chapman, Eileen Turley, Joseph Savickis, Lucza Cernenoks, Bridget Mary Carey
  • 18: Thomas David Butterfield, Family Spreugel, William Gerald Flynn, Bridget Lereille, Eileen Lynch, S. Gilbert, Ada Hilton, Ruth Birch, Michael Alfred Stapley, Doris Olive Joyce
  • 19: Luigi Boffa, Sister M. Veronica Couchman, Doreen Minnie Hodge, Baby Arthur Antonio Jackson, Enid Anita Hedges, Patrick Finbar Crotty, Edward William Webster, Joan Beatrice McGlinn, David Kavanagh, Matilda Turner

May they rest in peace


Please let us remember in our prayers the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on 6th February and see what we can do as a parish.


This Week:  MSP Mission Appeal  Once a year the archdiocese gives the parish opportunity to support the work of the MSP. As a parish we can sponsor the training of a priest. Please help us with our appeal this weekend 11/12th February in our missionary work. Envelopes are available at the back of the Church for your donations which may be returned next week  if necessary.

Last weeks collections  First collection: £1362.53, Catholic Association for Racial Justice £305.72, Thank you for your   continued support.

Parish Forum  Thank you for your feedback. If you haven’t returned yours, please do this week.

Old Palm Crosses There is a basket available at the back of the Church to collect old palm crosses which can be burnt and made into ash for Ash Wednesday on 22nd February.

Lenten booklets Ash Wednesday starts on 22nd February and we now have some Lenten booklets available at the back of the Church. There are 2 different books, one with readings and one with reflections of the day. Also children’s booklets.

Baptisms  Application forms for Baptism are available from the back of the Church or the parish office. Families need to attend a talk before the baptism. Please phone or email the office if you wish to attend (Next session is 13th February).

RCIA  We welcome anyone who is searching or wants to review their faith or may be interested in joining the Catholic     community, or wishes to be Confirmed. Please come to the Presbytery on Wednesdays at 7.30pm.

School Forms  Fr Moses will be available to sign school forms on Thursday between 12-3pm in the Presbytery. Please note that the day and times may change each week.

Foodbank We will be collecting for the Foodbank at all Masses this weekend 11th & 12th Feb. The most needed items are Tinned Fruit, Custard, Ham, Spam & Meat Pies, Crackers & Cereal Bars, Coffee, Squash & Longlife Juice,  Toilet Rolls & Washing up Liquid. Every donation will support local families in need. Thank you.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Come to me all who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest. Come, pray, rest & watch before the Blessed Sacrament, either on Wed (9.30–11.30) or Sat after 10am Mass until 12.30pm.

Mass IntentionsIf you would like to have a Mass offered for an intention, please fill in one of marked envelopes and hand to one of the priests or call at the presbytery between 10-2pm if you would like a specific mass. We cannot always allocate a Mass on the date requested as it may have already been booked, however, your Mass may be shared if you wish.

Mustard Seed  Bible study every day @ 8.30pm; Lectio Divina on Fridays @ 7.30pm. Please CLICK HERE for how to join

Come and Rest  is a contemplative group that meets around the Word of God on Wednesdays 8-9pm. CLICK HERE for how to join online.

Divine Mercy Chaplet The Divine Mercy Chaplet will be online at 3pm Monday – Friday. See the CLICK HERE for how to join the online meetings as well as the prayers if you wish to say the Chaplet privately.

Padre Pio Prayer Group each Tuesday  straight after 9.15am Mass in the Cry Chapel. All welcome to join us in prayer. We especially remember our sick friends and family.

Confirmation booklets  We have workbooks for those students who prepared for Confirmation in the parish and made their Confirmation in 2016 or 2017. If you would like to collect your book, please speak to Fr Moses or come to the parish office.

Archdiocese of Southwark Lent Retreat, 2023  “Renewed in Hope”: Make some space to develop your relationship with God this Lent. Sign up for the Diocesan Lent Retreat “Renewed in Hope”. Every week you will receive an email with links to a 20-minute video in which Archbishop John will introduce the theme and the reading, Chris Chapman will deliver the retreat programme and a witness will speak of the relevance in their daily life. You will also receive materials to use in your own prayer and reflection. All you have to have to do is sign up here set aside what space you can for reflection and join us in being Renewed in Hope

Sick/housebound Please contact the parish office and let us know of neighbours/family members who are unable to come to Church and would like to receive Communion or call 07405803862. We remember in our prayers those who are sick, housebound or in hospital & those who care for them.

Dona Card Machine From next week we will have a self-service card donation point. It accepts contactless and chip and pin donations for those parishioners who may find this more useful than cash. We will try and have someone with the machine at all masses to help with any enquires about making donations this way.