Masses w/c 25-12-2022

 We wish all our Parishioners, their Families and Visitors to St John’s a very Happy, Peaceful and Blessed Christmas


Adoration and Recociliation after 10am Mass until 12noon

  • 10.00am   Pam Hogan, Angela Loughrey
  • 3.30pm    Jack Pender, John Matthews RIP (birthday), Michael, Gabriel & Raphael Adenison (Thanksgiving)
  • 6.00pm    Michael Dee & deceased relatives, Wahab family, Vincent Kilcullen RIP, John Harkin & Maria Tanner RIP
  • 7.30pm (St Katherine’s, Shorne)  Stephen, Kevin & Eileen Dowler RIP
  • 11.30pm   Carols
  •  12.00am   Paul & Maureen Doherty, Sr Delores



  • 8.30am    Ann Higgins RIP (1st Anniv), John Palasz RIP (anniv),| Sherin Paul RIP, John Lacken RIP, Sisters of Mercy
  • 9.30am – Denton  Flaherty & Quinn family & deceased, Teresa Symns Int
  • 10.30am    Hannon family Int, Candice Tonielle Jackson & Baby RIP (live streamed)

Mon 26 Dec St Stephen

  • 10.00am   Alina Menczyk RIP (1st Anniv),  Michael Surskis

Tues 27 Dec St John the Evangelist

  • 9.15am    Narie Deffew, Mark Onakinor (50th birthday), Simon Freeman

Wed 28 Dec Holy Innocents

Adoration 10.00am-12noon                 

  • 12 noon    Katie & Rebekha Wilson

Thurs 29 Dec St Thomas of Canterbury

  • 9.15am (St John’s Church) Mary & David Ralph. Donors Int

Fri 30 Dec The Holy Family

  • 9.15am  Evelyn & Bill Allen’s 60th wedding anniv, Ken RIP & Marie & Samantha Hughes, Vincent Freeman
  • 7.00pm   Mass at St John’s Comprehensive School (Fr Moses birthday celebration)

Sat 31 Dec

Adoration and Recociliation after 10am Mass until 12noon

  • 10.00am   Veronica Williams, Angela Loughrey RIP

First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)

  • 6.00pm    Candice Tonielle Jackson RIP, Maria Lawrence     (live streamed)
  • 10.30pm-12 Crossover Mass & Thanksgiving

Sun 1 Jan  Mary, Holy Mother of God

  • 8.30am    Sherin Paul RIP, Sean Coady Int.
  • 9.30am – Denton  Iris Elliott Int, Celebrating Birthdays & Anniversaries during December
  • 10.30am   Ken Hughes RIP, Marie & Samantha Hughes                                                  
  • 6.00pm     Donors Int, Angela RIP

The Church will be open for private prayer Mon- Friday until 5pm, Sat & Sun 7pm