Masses w/c 11-09-2022

First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)

  • 6.00pm      John Lacken RIP (live streamed)

Sun 11 Sept Twenty-Fourth Sunday (C) 

  • 8.30am Sherin Paul RIP, Amy Costa Correia RIP & Villon Costa Correia RIP 4th Anniv, John Lacken RIP
  • 9.30am-Denton  Millicent (special Int)
  • 10.30am     Indy (special int)  Juma Family (Thanksgiving) (live streamed)
  • 6.00pm      Sangare family (thanksgiving)

Mon 12 Sept Feria

  •  9.15am      Joe Smyth (Wellbeing)

Tues 13 Sept St John Chrysostom

  • 9.15am       Boniface & Family (Thanksgiving)

Wed 14 Sept Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Adoration 10.00am-12noon                 

  • 12 noon      Omoefe (for working visa)

Thurs 15 Sept Our Lady of Sorrows

  • 9.15am (St John’s School) 

Fri 16 Sept Ss Cornelius & Cyprian

  • 9.15am   Kathleen Barrette (Wellbeing)  

Sat 17 Sept BVM

Adoration after 10am Mass until 12.30pm (Reconciliation 11.30-12.30pm)

  • 10.00am   John Lacken RIP, Henri Amon (Birthday)

 First Mass of Sunday,  (Saturday)

  • 6.00pm  Tanya Matuka RIP (1st Anniv ) (live streamed)

 Sun 18 Sept Twenty-Fifth Sunday (C)   

  • 8.30am    Sherin Paul RIP, Olga Cleta D’Silva RIP Joe & Rose Killaly RIP, D’Silva Family (Thanksgiving) 
  • 9.30am – Denton    Kathleen O’Donnell RIP                           
  • 10.30am   John Lacken RIP, Robert Turvill RIP  (live streamed)
  • 6.00pm   Sangare Family (Thanksgiving)  

The Church will be open for private prayer Mon- Friday until 5pm, Sat & Sun 7pm